Nostalgic News: David Bowie’s Self-Titled Album was released 50 years ago today


Glam Rock icon David Bowie released his breakthrough self-titled second album 50 years ago today, on 4th November 1969.

This album brought ‘Space Oddity’ to the world of music, and launched the beginnings of his legendary career as an artist.  Although the other tracks haven’t had the same legacy, the album as a whole is celebrated for being an experimental mix of folk, prog rock and ballad influences.  ‘Space Oddity’ rocketed to the top of the UK charts, and would go on to be one of the late singer’s most memorable hits.

While Bowie’s later albums ventured further into hard rock, David Bowie is more acoustically-oriented.  Despite these differences, this self-titled breakthrough is the true beginning of a legendary career from one of the biggest British musicians of all time.  Even 50 years later, the opening chords of ‘Space Oddity’ are instantly recognisable; a song that only grows more powerful as the decades pass.

David Bowie’s self-titled album is available via Warner Music.


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