Nostalgic News: ‘John Wick’ was released 5 years ago


Action thriller John Wick was released on this day in 2014, 5 years ago.

Directed by US stuntman Chad Stahelski, the film follows the actions of the titular assassin as he deals with his wife’s death, and being forced back into the life he fought so hard to leave after a series of events and a line of revenge.

Well-known actors such as Game of Thrones Alfie Allan and American Gods‘ Ian McShane join Keanu Reeves in the film, which features spectacular visuals, amazing world-building, and sophisticated suits. But the highlight of the film is the action; the way the conflict is framed, and the stellar stunts make this a delight to watch. It just highlights the care and attention that goes into stunts, and Reeves even trained for months so he could do the majority of his own action sequences.

The film even received an award for “Best Fight” at the 2015 World Stunt Awards.

The film has since had two sequels released in 2017 and 2019 respectively, with John Wick Chapter 4 scheduled for release in 2021, as well as spin-off television series based on the Hotel Continental.

Watch the trailer below:


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