Nostalgic News: ‘Hozier’ was released 5 years ago today


It’s the album that defined Hozier’s breakthrough into the mainstream world of music; Hozier (2014) is the eponymous debut album that has continued to impress listeners around the world, even after 5 years. And, of course, it birthed one of the greatest bangers of this decade, ‘Take Me to Church’.

Combining many genres, including indie-rock, soul, blues, and folk, there is no surprise that Hozier made such an imprint in popular and indie music in 2014, when it was awarded Album of the Year by the European Border Breakers Awards.

Its most popular track, ‘Take Me to Church’, reached number 2 on the Official Charts, and won the Billboard award for Top Rock Song, and the BBC Music award for Song of the Year in 2015. Other, less well-known songs on Hozier are no less impressive however, with ‘To Be Alone’ highlighting the haunting power of Hozier’s vocals, whilst ‘Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene’ showcases the rock and blues vibes this album holds, and is still one of the best songs to shout along to.

Hozier was an incredibly impressive debut for the Irish singer-songwriter, showcasing his seemingly endless talents, and it inevitably set up the fame and success Hozier has experienced since.

Watch the hauntingly powerful video for ‘Take Me To Church’ below.


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