Nostalgia News: ‘Minecraft’ Xbox One edition released 5 years ago


Released just two years on from its PC to console adaptation for the Xbox 360, Minecraft delivered its fans the Xbox One edition. A franchise that boomed in its early years, and continues to be fairly popular, Minecraft remains the perfect game for both lone-creators and social gamers. With its cross-platform update added to Minecraft on 21st June 2018, players are further encouraged to stay loyal fans of the game, now with the capability for Xbox users to game alongside Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile and VR users – the fun never ends!

Still not sure whether Minecraft should be held in such high regard? Then you have clearly never felt the satisfaction of seeing your ideal world finally built to life after countless hours of continuous play. The constant threat of creepers, skeletons and spiders looming in the hopes of killing you and destroying your creation also provides a pixelated-horror experience that cannot be beaten.

Watch the trailer here:


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