Nostalgic News: Shrek 2 was released 15 years ago


With all the memes continually circulating online, it has become easy to forget how successful – both critically and commercially – the first two Shrek movies were in the early noughties. Shrek holds the esteemed honour of being the inaugural winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but Shrek 2 is where the franchise peaked. It is probably DreamWorks Animation’s finest and funniest work to date, still standing as their most profitable at the global box office. The sequel sees everyone’s favourite ogre thrown in the deep end into one of life’s most perilous situations: meeting the parents. Invited to the kingdom of Far Far Away to celebrate their marriage, Shrek and Fiona (and Donkey) have to navigate a hostile welcome when their hosts realise that they’re wilder than expected – and avoid the clutches of the Fairy Godmother, voiced deliciously in a star turn from Jennifer Saunders. It’s a gem.

Click on the link below to watch one of the most iconic scenes from Shrek 2:


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