BBC Three show Fleabag is being adapted into a French series by Canal+


Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hit BBC Three series Fleabag is being adapted into a French series entitled Mouche.

Fleabag, which was written by, directed and starred Waller-Bridge, recently aired its second and final season, much to the dismay of its adoring fans. The series followed a thirty-something living and working in London as she tried to find love, connect with her family and forget her past. It boasted a cast that included award-winning actress Olivia Colman, Sian Clifford, Brett Gelman, Andrew Scott, as well as guest starring the likes of Kristin Scott-Thomas and Fiona Shaw.

France’s answer to Fleabag will follow its English counterpart’s structure and storyline, with six episodes of thirty minutes, and will be directed by Jeanne Herry. Former creative vice-president of StudioCanal Dominique Jubin said that: “the series will start off as a transgressive comedy and will evolve into a subtle yet bittersweet representation of the young modern woman.”

Camille Cottin, known for her role as Andréa Martel on the Netflix show Call My Agent, will star as Mouche, alongside Anne Dorval (who starred in 2014 coming-of-age drama Mommy), Suliane Brahim, Pierre Deladonchamps and Benjamin Lavernhe.

Mouche means fly in French and served as Cottin’s own childhood nickname derived from her first name (Camille became Camouche, which became Mouche). While mouche can mean beauty spot, it also refers to the phrase faire mouche, which means to touch upon a sensitive subject; a suitably multi-layered term to accompany a complex character such as Fleabag.

Mouche will live in Paris and run a struggling bar à thé, which is basically a glorified café, and will be accompanied by a depressed guinea pig, much like in the show that serves as its inspiration.

Watch the teaser for Mouche below:


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