Nostalgic News: Superman: The Movie was released 40 years ago


Who is the superhero who zooms past the sky, saving lives in his blue suit and a red cape?

Also known as the “Man of Steel”, Superman: The Movie was first released on 15th December 1978, and is celebrating its 40th anniversary today.

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, Fathom events and Warners Brothers are planning to serve us some nostalgia by showing Superman: The Movie at several screenings. According to Fathom Events’ official website, the planned dates are November 25th, 27th and December 3rd. The locations are yet to be confirmed.

Starring Christopher Reeve, the story features an orphan, Kal-El, sent by his father to Earth in order to save the planet, Krypton. It was believed that by gaining powers from the Earth’s yellow sun, he could be the “champion of truth and justice”. Raised by the Kents, who realised the child’s unusual powers and ability, Clark Kent (Kal-El’s identity on planet Earth) grew up mild and shy, forbidden to use his powers. As an adult, he works as a reporter. As he gradually explores his true identity, he embarks on his journey of life-saving. The climax of the film sees Kent saving the world from being conquered by the evil criminal genius, Lex Luthor.

This is a classic not to be missed. Click on the link below to watch the original trailer:


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