Nostalgic News: The Terminator was released 34 years ago


James Cameron’s The Terminator was released 34 years ago on 26th October 1984.

It follows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator as he travels back from 2029 to kill Sarah Connor so that she doesn’t become the mother of John Connor, the future hero of the rebellion against the machines. To prevent the Terminator from succeeding, John Connor sends back Kyle Reese who, in helping save Sarah, becomes John’s father.

And true to the Terminator’s iconic phrase, the time-travel action film would certainly be back, spawning four sequels (or prequels considering how convoluted the timeline becomes at points) with another one currently in the works for a 2019 release. Through all of them, Schwarzenegger’s evolving Terminator has been the central figure, despite the fact that he was given just 14 lines of dialogue in the 1984 film that started it all.

The Terminator stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Paul Winfield and Lance Henrikson, with the directorial talents of James Cameron. The film was well-received and had a $4million opening weekend in the US, and grossed over $78million worldwide. It also won three Saturn awards for Best Science Fiction Film, Best Writing and Best Make-Up respectively.

Travel back in time and watch the original trailer now:


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