Good Morning Britain tops Ofcom 2017 complaints list


Good Morning Britain, the ITV morning talk show featuring the controversial Piers Morgan has topped the 2017 Ofcom complaints list with a total of 1,142 complaints following their 5th September episode.

The controversial instalment, which was subtitled:  “Should offensive views not be aired even if challenged?” featured Dr Michael Davidson, a gay conversion therapist who described homosexuality as an “aberration”, “a sin” and stunningly claimed “in some cases reversible.”

In a surprisingly bullish response, Morgan stated to Davidson, “You know what we call these people [who offer conversion therapy]? We call them horrible little bigots in the modern world. Bigoted people who talk complete claptrap and, in my view, a malevolent and dangerous part of our society.”

Other programmes which attracted complaints were Sky News Press Preview, for inflammatory comments about religion, Comic Relief 2017 for sexual innuendo and excessive swearing and Emmerdale which clocked 275 complaints over prison scenes featuring violence and abuse.

Mr Morgan tweeted: “BOOM! No. 1!” upon the information being released.

Check out the most complained-about interview below:


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