Nostalgic News: Far Cry 3 was released 5 years ago today


Open-world games rarely get as insane – or as devilishly enjoyable – as the mercurial classic Far Cry 3, which was released 5 years ago today on 30th November 2012.

The game follows Jason Brody (Gianpaolo Venuta) as he escapes capture by pirates and ends up stranded on the mysterious Rook Islands in the South Pacific while on holiday with friends. Vowing revenge upon the deranged and psychotic men who nearly killed him, Brody teams up with a number of the islands’ colourful and exotic characters, from the resolutely idealistic Dennis (Charles Malik Whitfield) to the strangely friendly and yet terrifying Dr. Earnhardt (Martin Kevan), and sets off to find and rescue anyone else the pirates had captured or harmed in any other way.

Far Cry 3 is notable for its near limitless open-world setting and its exploration of madness and insanity. The game introduced us to outposts – pirate strongholds that could be taken down in countless ways, from stealthy to bombastic – as well as a deep crafting system, hunting and scavenging, and innovative, realistic bushfires – all staples that have featured in every Far Cry game since. Although it may have featured multiplayer and co-op modes – with all the standard bells & whistles expected in a modern shooter for those game types – it was in the single-player that Far Cry 3 really shone. Possibly the best performance by an actor in a video game ever from Michael Mando (Better Call SaulSpider-Man: Homecoming) as the terror-inducing, deranged pirate leader Vaas, as well as all-round fantastic performances and writing in the rest of the game, kept us hooked from start to finish in the most engaging Far Cry game to date. So with Far Cry 5 on the horizon, this one looks set for a replay as we head towards February 27th.

Remind yourself of this insane classic by watching the cinematic trailer below:


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