Niantic confirm Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go in the works


Niantic, the team behind the 2016 smash summer hit Pokemon Go have announced they are developing a version of the game based around Harry Potter.

Entitled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the game will allow players to learn spells and explore their neighbourhood in search of mysterious artefacts such as Horcruxes and fight fantastic and mythical beasts. Players will also have the chance to tag-team together with friends in order to take down powerful enemies like Lord Voldemort.

Rumours of a Harry Potter inspired AR game have been in the offing since July 2016- and were dismissed as a hoax- while Pokemon Go managed 45 million daily players at peak and generated over £195 million in sales.

The game will be developed in partnership with Warner Bros Interactive, who own the video game rights to the Harry Potter franchise. Wizards Unite will be just one of several new games based in the Harry Potter universe which will be released in the future, according to Warner Bros. The collection of new games will be released under a new label, Portkey Games- a reference to the device used to transport wizards from place to place in the novels and films.

More information about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be released in 2018. Check out some more information on the game below:


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