Sean Astin discusses rumours of Amazon remaking Lord of the Rings


Sean Astin, the actor who played Frodo’s faithful partner Samwise Gamgee has had his say on a potential remake of J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth epic.

Astin admitted he suggested a remake would happen, stating: “I’ve been saying for 15 years that maybe like 12 years after Lord of the Rings came out, that it would get remade.” He added, “And people always said, ‘Oh no, it’ll never get remade! It’s a classic! They could never top it!’ and I’m like, ‘No, it’ll get remade. It’s a massive story! The characters are so beloved’.”

Astin did admit he was unlikely to be involved in any future projects involving LOTR, admitting, “That didn’t even occur to me. I just sort of thought, ‘What would it be like to see the next Sam there?'” He also expressed some scepticism on it, noting, “How would they do it? How? Who?”

Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy was one of the most successful film franchises of the 21st Century so far, winning critical acclaim with 11 Academy Awards and generating a total of $2,911.7 million in box office revenue.

Check out the trailer for The Fellowship of The Ring below and return to Middle Earth:


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