Patty Jenkins set to direct Wonder Woman sequel


After the box office success of Wonder Woman this summer, Patty Jenkins has closed a deal to direct the sequel, set for a December 2019 release.

In an interview for EW during the film’s domination of the box office, Jenkins revealed that she was developing the script for the sequel with Geoff Johns.

The official confirmation of her return, however, comes after significant negotiations with Warner Bros. of just over three months.  The result sees Jenkins set to become the highest paid female director in history, with a salary believed to be between $7-9 million.

When asked about the sequel, Jenkins said: “There’s another great story I want to tell. She exists now, and it means there’s a whole other kind of journey that we can do with her.  We get to have what I feel like the other superheroes get to have a little earlier, which is just a great time with that character.”

Gal Gadot, who has also portrayed the DC superhero in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as featuring as a central figure in the upcoming Justice League, has already been confirmed to be reprising her role.

Watch the trailer for Justice League, featuring Wonder Woman’s upcoming appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe, below:





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