Tom Hiddleston’s Hamlet attracts widespread praise


Both theatre-critics and audiences alike have rushed to praise Tom Hiddleston’s performance in Shakespeare’s classic tragedy about the doomed Danish Prince.

Hiddleston is currently performing as the titular role in the RADA president Kenneth Branagh’s directed production of the legendary tragic Shakespeare play, at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art’s intimate 160 seat theatre for a short three week run. Tickets were extremely scarce with many fans complaining at the online ballot which distributed tickets as well as the news that the show would not be recorded at any point.

Audience member Matthew Lundy commented extensively on the show, praising a number of aspects including lighting, supporting cast and staging, finishing by adding: “”Overall a strong production by Branagh and Hiddleston for a good cause. Sad that so few people will be lucky enough to see it.” The Daily Telegraph was equally complementary towards the Thor: Ragnarok and The Night Manager star, giving the show four stars overall and praising Hiddleston for a performance, that while bleakly funny in places, was “undercut by a tenderness that is heartbreaking.”

Hamlet will continue at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for a three week run. Check out Hiddleston discussing how he would have previously played the role below:


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