HBO announce behind-the-scenes series for Game of Thrones


HBO have confirmed that an online series known as Game Revealed will be released via their subscription service over the coming weeks, showcasing the production of the stunning seventh season of show, which concluded last weekend.

Game Revealed will serve as a post-season behind-the-scenes focus on the production of the seventh season of the most popular show currently on television, with a focus on special effects, acting and interviews with cast members. A single episode will be released for each corresponding episode in the show, meaning that Game Revealed will span seven episodes.

The official description released by HBO for the first episode of the show read: “The 14-minute first episode contains previously unseen footage revealing the camera tricks behind Arya’s face-changing transformation into Walder Frey, the breathtaking Spanish landscapes that served as the backdrop for Daenerys’ home of Dragonstone, and exclusive interviews with episode one director Jeremy Podeswa, prosthetics designer Barrie Gower and cast members, including Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams, and guest star Ed Sheeran.”

The following episodes will only be available to HBO subscribers, but the first episode can be viewed on Facebook or below on Youtube:


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