New trailer released for Game of Thrones Season Seven- Watch


The latest trailer for Game of Thrones has revealed a plethora of new footage, as the penultimate season’s premiere gets closer and closer.

The trailer is accompanied by an ominous voiceover from Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) who offer stark warnings about the conflicts in the North and South, hinting at the upcoming conclusive battle between the White Walkers and the remaning parties vying for the Iron Throne.

Accompanied by the hashtag, #WinterIsHere, GoT appears to finally be reaching the ultimate bloody conclusion as more and more die, as: “The wolf dies, but the pack survives”, as Sansa cryptically suggests in the trailer. The latest footage also confirms the long-known fact that Daenerys will finally return to Westeros in order to cement her personal claim on the Iron Throne. One thing is for sure, she certainly has enough dragons to support her.

The final chilling moments of the trailer showcase a mysterious figure cutting down a yet-unknown target, but it is possible we may have witnessed a key moment in the season in this brief teaser without knowing it yet.

Game of Thrones Season Seven premieres on the 16th July. Check out the newest trailer below:


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