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Last Friday, over 100,000 people sat on Facebook Live watching a giant block of ice be melted by three flamethrowers- sorry, dragons of Westeros. This was a long, somewhat trolling marketing campaign from HBO and Game of Thrones to tease the release date of the seventh series of the popular fantasy drama. We did get a release date, however.

Even more important, however, was the brief tantalizing first glimpse given to fans regarding GOT’s seventh installment, which promises to move towards the ominous ‘Great War.‘ Below, the Edgelings give their views on the sensational teaser for Thrones.

‘I loved the visuals here, the symbols of each of the houses biting each other at the throat is so powerful given everything that has happened thus far and everything that will culminate soon. The way they all crumble to pieces in front of the Night King was chilling. Despite the countless deaths and betrayals over the course of the show, there are still some very powerful players in the game who are yet to make their decisive move. Season 7 looks set to be the first part of a truly epic and rewarding culmination of the past 6 years of the best show on television.’ – David Mitchell-Baker, Writer.

‘I would have preferred a proper trailer with new footage of Jon, Daenerys and Tyrion riding the three dragons (for I believe and need that dragon rider theory) but I’ll take what’s been given. And the best thing that’s been given today is the release date. Bring on 16th July and the long-awaited union of Ice and Fire!’– Anneka Honeyball, Editor.

‘I can’t wrap my head around the way these guys can make us so incredibly excited by compiling cool one-liners from previous seasons and the literal illustration of Daenerys’ ‘spokes on a wheel’ monologue. It’s fabulous. This teaser is so powerful because by bringing all these lines together it makes us realise the depth of this show- how they all come full circle; and also because it’s so ominous. All their feuds and concerns are nothing compared to the incoming war. And that’s a very satisfying prospect for the next season!’ – Thea Hartman, Writer.

‘A powerful teaser for arguably the most powerful show on television. I really didn’t want to sit and watch a block of ice be melted on Thursday evening, but I just felt compelled to. And the trailer wasn’t half bad either. Here’s hoping for many more deaths of beloved, well-rounded and morally-correct characters.’– Robert Pratley, News Editor.

‘It ROCKS (haha get it cuz they all stone).’ – Ashleigh Millman, Deputy Editor/Comedienne.

‘It’s incredible how much hype they can generate from a few foreboding visuals and quotes from previous seasons, although I think most of it is just because it’s more Thrones! What has me most excited for this season is how it looks like they’re going to be tying up everyone’s storylines into one massive war – if Game of Thrones can do anything perfectly, it’s battle sequences. Jon’s ominous warning about the white walkers at the end has me super hyped as well, been waiting for them to cause chaos since the opening scene of the series and so far only had Hardhome to show for it. With many power players still around, and others from the books who could well be introduced, Game of Thrones season 7 looks like it could be the most spectacular yet!’ – Sam Law, Writer.

‘I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I probably would if it was a weekly installmentĀ of the Wizarding Chess game from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ – Millie Cassidy, Writer.

‘Game of Thrones… a show that uses excessive ‘shocking’ deaths to cover up its absolutely shite storytelling and convince people it’s good. When the series biggest character died they just brought him back to life – what is this Marvel comics shit!? Pandering to its sheep fan base who are so deluded they will watch ice melt for days to watch a release date being revealed-and they couldn’t not watch it or they might feel left out of the flock! Sad!’– Conor Kavanagh, Gaming Executive/Troll-In-Chief.

‘Only Game of Thrones can convince fans to watch a block of ice melt for 60 minutes before revealing the release date for the newest season, and by the old gods and the new it was certainly worth the wait. Season seven is as much about the end as it is the beginning and this first glimpse is absolutely perfect. Though I’m ecstatic to see the latest season I know the experience will be bittersweet but for now I’ll luxuriate in the excitement and cherish being a part of one of the best fandoms in the world.’– Laura Woodhouse, Writer.

The Verdict: Besides the usual troll reaction from the most unsurprising of sources, HBO and Game of Thrones once again prove they have the magnetism, gravitas and power to be the most influential TV show in the world. Arguably one of the few last major bastions for television in the age of digital streaming. Roll on 16th July 2017!

Check out the Game of Thrones trailer below and see if you agree with our writer’s thoughts:


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