Hull announces City of Culture 2017 lineup


Kingston-Upon-Hull, the previously run-down city in the northeast of the UK, has been designated ‘City of Culture 2017’.

The previous titleholder was Londonderry in 2013, and while that proved a success, the fact that over £32 million has been raised for the forthcoming year’s cultural events, the events programme suggests that Hull may give Londonderry a run for their money.

Hull will start 2017 with a bang: residents and visitors will be able to attend a free fireworks display on the Humber bridge. It is clear Hull mean to continue, and end the year in the same manner they aim to start it, that is spectacularly.

The fact that this is a 365 day event means that there’s definitely something for everyone. The first few months will host a whooping 79 events, including:

Hull Maritime Museum featuring a trawler. Credit: hulldailymail.

Hull Maritime Museum featuring a trawler. Credit: hulldailymail.


  • A weeklong light spectacular by filmmaker Sean McAllister in which the city’s buildings will be brought to life and tell the history’s city through performances and animations
  • World premiere of historical play The Hypocrite by renowned Hull playwright Richard Bean, which will feature the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • The Flood, created by performance group Slung Low, which will tell a year-long story of a post-apocalyptic future through multimedia platforms
  • A show which will turn the Humber bridge into a giant instrument

A full list of the events on from January to March can be found here.

While culture is not everyone’s thing, the city of Hull seems to have a real effort to include their history and heritage in many of their events. If you’re not too busy, why not pop up to Hull, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Hull City of Culture runs throughout the entire of 2017. Watch a promo video below:


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