Wolf Alice tour the US and channel the 90s in new video for ‘Fluffy’ – watch


Alternative rock band, Wolf Alice have released a tour video for their latest single, ‘Fluffy’.

Plenty of bands have churned through that nostalgic 90s dustbin for inspiration, but it’s rare that a band manages to condense so much ground into one rock song. ‘Fluffy’ from London’s Wolf Alice, is an entire episode in 2:42 minutes, jumping from the turmoil of riot grrl, to the soothing co-ed harmonies of shoegaze and the volume-spiking dynamics of 90’s grunge.

The video for the song, from their debut album My Love Is Cool, is a rush of live footage from the band’s recent US tour.

Whilst we were in America, our friend Stroma Cairns filmed us on tour,” the band’s singer, Ellie Rowsell wrote in an email. “It’s a crazy dream for us to even step foot over here so this footage makes us cry/laugh.”

My Love Is Cool is set to be released on 23rd June. Find more from the band, including their upcoming tour, here.

If you can’t remember the decade you were born in, watch the video below and relive it.


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