Fargo’s second season will focus on a mob turf war


Details about the second season of Fargo – the spin-off series of the Coen Brothers’ film of the same name have recently been revealed.

Fargo, like True Detective, is building on an acclaimed first season with a new series. Anthology television, affords the opportunity to wipe the narrative slate clean and start afresh. In the case of Fargo’s new ten-part season, as producer Warren Littlefield revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, this will involve a dynastic clash of Midwestern crime syndicates in 1979;

The second season is really is about the corporatisation of America. It’s the difference between a mom and pop family business and a Walmart,” Littlefield revealed. “It’s the Kansas City Mob basically looking to do a hostile takeover of the Gerhard crime family. In the middle, we have a couple, Ed and Peggy Blomquist, and they get caught in the middle of a war between these two crime factions.

The Blomquists, played by Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, are a South Dakota couple slightly at odds. She’s a woman with big-city dreams, her husband is a butcher’s assistant who tries to support her ambitions. However, the arrival of two warring crime dynasties, one of which is lead by Jean Smart’s crime family matriarch, Floyd Gerhard, leaves a violent stamp on their community.

Patrick Wilson will also star as Lou Solverson, a clean-cut Minnesota State patrolman and former naval officer. A humble and competent man, Lou is devoted to his wife Betsy and four-year-old daughter Molly. Ted Danson plays Hank Larsson, the sheriff of Rock County, Minnesota, who embodies a certain cowboy poetry, and is Lou’s father-in-law. Nick Offerman also features as the town lawyer, while Brad Garrett, Kieran Culkin, Jeffrey Donovan and Bokeem Woodbine complete the cast.

Set in the post-Vietnam era, the season is also set against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan’s (Bruce Campbell) sharp rise to political pre-eminence. “America is seeking a healing time,” contextualises Littlefield.

Fargo, Season 2 is set to air in late 2015.


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