Two post Jim Morrison albums by The Doors to be re-issued


Rhino Records have announced that two albums recorded by The Doors after the death of their frontman Jim Morrison will be re-released. Other Voices, released in 1971, and The Full Circle, released in 1972, are the band’s respective seventh and eighth studio albums.

Both of the re-issued albums will feature tracks remastered by the producer of Other Voices, Bruce Botnick. The albums will also include ‘Treetrunk’ as a bonus track – a song that was originally released as the B-side to ‘Get Up and Dance’, which is a single from The Full Circle.

The 180 gram vinyl re-issues of the albums will also feature “historically accurate sleeves,” including a re-creation of the large fold-out zoetrope that was part of the original vinyl edition of The Full Circle.

The zoetrope that came with the original edition of The Full Circle. (

The zoetrope that came with the original edition of The Full Circle.

The band were halfway through the recording of Other Voices when 27 year-old Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of a Paris apartment in July 1971. The band continued to work on the album with vocals split between keyboard player Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Kreiger.

A feud would later open between Kreiger, Mazarek and drummer John Densmore when Kreiger and Manzarek went on tour together as ‘The Doors of the 21st Century’ in 2002. This sparked a lawsuit over the use of the band’s name and a separate £25 million claim after Densmore refused to agree to licensing the band’s music for use in advertisements. Kreiger and Densmore later reunited after the death of Manzarek in 2013.

Commenting on his relationship with Densmore, Kreiger said:

John and I haven’t been on the best of terms. Ray and I wanted to play as The Doors, and John didn’t want to, and so we had a big lawsuit. But now John and I are back on track…too bad it took Ray’s passing to cause that. But I am happy that we are.

The release date of these reissued albums are yet to be announced, but the records will be available on both vinyl and CD.


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