Film round-up: 09/02/2015 – 15/02/2015


No matter what your relationship status, there’s bound to be something to add a little lovin’ to your week this Valentines. Whether you’re wanting a bit of Disney princess style romance with Fairytale: Story Of The Seven Dwarves or something a little less cliché like Fifty Shades of Grey, head on down to the cinema, no dates necessary.

Coherence, intimate sci-fi thriller starring Nicholas Brendon and Emily Baldoni. Eight friends begin to experience a series of unnatural events which seem to be inexplicably linked to a strange astronomical anomaly.

Dancing in Jaffa, a documentary which follows renowned ball-room dancer Pierre Dulaine as he takes his talents back to his birth city with in the intent of uniting the Jewish and Palestinian Israelis through the medium of dance.

Brought to you from the writer of Men Behaving Badly, Jason Durr and Nick Moran star in Down Dog a comedy feature which sees a high flying sex addict attempting to connect with his teenage son by teaching him the art of catching a date.

Fairytale: Story Of The Seven Dwarves, animated comedy adventure featuring a refreshing mash-up of all the best-loved fairy-tales, including classic characters such as the evil witch Dellamorta, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White’s seven dwarves, along with the surprising addition of a fire breathing dragon.

Fifty Shades of Grey, long anticipated adaptation of the first in E.L James’s popular book trilogy. When Anastasia Steele goes to interview the handsome, yet tormented billionaire Christian Grey, her life takes a startling change of course (rated 18).

Love is Strange follows Ben and George, who after a 40-year-relationship, are finally allowed to marry. After the marriage, George is fired from his teaching post and the couple are forced to live apart with various family members. The film provides a ‘portrait of love’, looking at the nature of love and the hardship that can come with it.

The Philadelphia Story will be re-released, following its original UK release in 1941. With an iconic cast, including Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart, the witty comedy is set on the eve of Tracy Lord’s second marriage to a somewhat uninteresting man. Rather than spending the evening in a conventional way, Tracy spends it drinking with her ex-husband and a young attractive reporter.

Snow in Paradise steers audiences away from this week’s romance in its rekindling of the British gangster genre. When Dave’s involvement in petty crime leads to the death of a close friend, he is filled with remorse and finds solace in Islam. Struggles arise when his past involvement attempts to reclaim him.

Two Night Stand follows singleton Megan as she is encouraged by her friends to set up a one night stand online. As if a one night stand was not awkward enough, Megan and Alec are forced to spend the next day together by  a blizzard that blocks them in. Comedy ensues as the seemingly unmatched couple swap tips and have another go.

Grease – Sing A Long is a re-release of the classic high school film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, from 1978. The film follows the romance between good girl Sandy and T-Bird Danny in the lead up to their graduation. If you fancy singing along to ‘Summer Lovin’ on Valentines Day, then book your tickets now.

Michael Curtiz’s 1942 film Casablanca will be re-released this Sunday. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the classic romance is set in occupied Africa at the beginning of World War II. A romance is rekindled between Rick (Bogart) and his former lover Ilsa, and she is forced to choose between the man she has married and the man she used to love.


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