Deadmau5 ‘hacked’ by Anonymous for April Fools


Hacktivist group, Anonymous has mysteriously occupied the Facbook and Twitter of globally renowned producer deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman. The star’s social media accounts have both been given a makeover by Anonymous, featuring their typical logo, accompanied by the slogan, ‘Expect us’. Doubts have arisen over whether this is merely an elaborate April Fools prank by deadmua5, due to his notorious reputation for internet ‘trolling’.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity for hijinks, only yesterday, deadmua5 pranked fellow electronic producer, Martin Garrix, at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. During his set, deadmau5 played Garrix’s, biggest hit, ‘Animals’, before unleashing a remix of ‘Old MacDonald’, upon the drop.

This is however complicated by the fact that Anonymous’ own twitter has been reposting the adjustments to Zimmerman’s profiles. If done purposefully by Anonymous, the occupation of deadmau5′ accounts has significance due to the potential for Zimmerman’s large social media following to be exploited and used as a platform.

UPDATE: deadmau5, later released this  picture message to fans via his Facebook, confirming suspicions that the prankster was up to his usual tricks, unable to resist the temptation of April Fools Day.



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