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After keeping a relatively low profile for the last year, notorious DJ and producer Skrillex has abruptly surprised all by dropping a stream of his brand new album, Recess, in full, through a brand new app.

The app itself, Alien Ride is simple enough, essentially a personalized variant of the classic arcade game Galaga, but with a few extra touches to satisfy avid Skrillex fans. It was initially released last Friday, to coincide with the announcement of Skrillex’s ‘Mothership Tour 2014’.

The app began to generate even greater excitement when it was revealed that new music could be unlocked through a folder titled ‘Secret’ within the app. Starting Monday 10th March at 7.00pm Eastern Standard Time, all 11 album tracks were unveiled one at a time within the app at half hour intervals. The full album can now streamed for free simply by downloading Alien Ride for ios or Android, from Skrillex’s Website.

The album will officially go on sale next Tuesday. Skrillex admitted that his innovative method of release would likely see less financial success for the album than a conventional release, but explained that pleasing fans was ultimately more important. Recess’ tracklist features a huge cast of talent, including the likes of Kill The Noise, Chance The Rapper, The Ragga Twins, and Fatman Scoop, to name but a few.

Recess will be available to download from next Tuesday, 18th March.


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