‘Tom Odell’s Missing Piano’ to visit Southampton


After continuously being tipped for greatness for the last 6 months, Monday will see Tom Odell release his debut album Long Way Downand to go alongside this, his team have created a nifty little PR stunt. If you’ve taken a look at his Facebook page recently, you’ll have seen the mysterious #FindTomsPiano posters, and from these you can follow the links to a cryptic ‘missing piano’ website, where it reads:

 “Tom needs to be reunited with his piano before his exclusive in-store appearances across the UK.


This message is followed by a phone number urging you to call Tom on 020 03331413. However, on ringing this number there is just a pre-recorded message from Odell… perhaps you have to be really lucky for him to pick up?

From what we can see, it seems that his piano is on a tour of the country, appearing in city centres across the UK for people to enjoy. Unfortunately, whilst Tom Odell himself is also visiting a few of these cities, the website suggests that Tom won’t be coming to Southampton. Nevertheless, this kooky stunt looks pretty cool, so keep an eye out for the #FindTomsPiano posters, and look for his piano in Southampton on Friday 28th June.

The #FindTomsPiano campaign has already been to Kingston, Oxford, Manchester and Birmingham, but will also be visiting Brighton, London, Swindon, and Chichester. Refer to the website for full details.


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