#cutforbieber Trends Worldwide


A group of internet trolls from the forum 4chan have started a campaign to get the sick hashtag #cutforbieber trending on twitter in response to photos published online of Justin Bieber smoking marijuana.

Posing as his fans, the hoax involved posting photos of people cutting themselves, saying it was in reaction to the popstar’s recent recreational drug use.

This is on the back of another recent hoax where the hashtag #baldforbieber was trending in response to the fake rumour that Bieber had cancer, with fans supposing shaving their heads in support.

Some believe it as credible and appear to be taking it literally, while the vast majority are denouncing the statement as disrespectful, inhumane and embarrassing  Others have taken a humorous approach, by suggesting to cut their hair, cut some paper or slice a cake for the Canadian pop star.


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    I know people are saying that he did smoke but as a belieber and i’m not cutting myself btw and i know Justin and we all know it was a mistake and we know Justin would never do it again.
    Sources say that the other people in the room were smoking pot in the room so their was pot fumes every where, people are saying it is true but if you know the press they can photoshop these images. Other of celebrities have been through this with the press the pictures look real but never really are. I don’t believe What happened without Justin saying so if he says it was Justin a one time thing and it will never happen again i will believe him. Beliebers love Justin. We know Justin and he would never do something like this and even if he did them it was Just a one time thing. if you were a Belieber then you would understand.

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