New Lana Del Rey album leaked under the pseudonym ‘May Jailer’


Lana Del Rey is just one of those artists who is shrouded in mystery. She shot to fame out of nowhere with the amateur video and track ‘Video Games’ last year, and released her album Born To Die in January 2012. However, this wasn’t Lana Del Rey’s first album. Shortly after the release of Video Games it was discovered that she had previously released an album called Lana Del Ray A.K.A Lizzy Grant under the name Lizzy Grant.

Today it has emerged that this isn’t the only pseudonym that Del Rey has assumed. An album which has surfaced through YouTube shows 15 tracks from the album Sirens under the name May Jailer. The album demonstrates a much more stripped back, and innocent sounding voice, accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

It’s currently unclear when this album was released but it has been reported on Twitter that it was her debut recording when she was 17. As this is the second time a pseudonym has been uncovered, and with many other unreleased tracks already available on the internet, it will be no surprise if further albums appear which have been created by Del Rey in the past.

The whole album Sirens can be heard on YouTube at Here is the first track, titled ‘For K’.


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