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Becky Hill's impressive vocals and energetic upbeat setlist made for a memorable performance, but was unfortunately not matched by the audience.

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On the 24th of February, Becky Hill supported The Script at the Bournemouth International Centre, as part of their UK arena tour. The performance itself was incredible, but may have been slightly unappreciated by the crowd, due to the odd pairing of the two acts.

The stage set up was organised in an eye-catching way, with two large circles hanging from the roof, which would later project close ups of Hill. The lighting was also very mesmerising, producing a very exciting atmosphere throughout the venue. However, from arrival, it was clear to see that the age demographic was very mixed, leading me to doubt how well the audience would react to the supporting performance.

In a dazzling metallic outfit, Hill took the stage, and began her set with a performance of ‘False Alarm’. Despite this being a well-known song in the charts, it was quite obvious that my concerns of the crowd’s response were accurate, as the majority of people did not seem to recognise the song. Whilst I wasn’t expecting the crowd to be moshing, considering the packed hundreds of people in the standing area, only around 5% seemed to even slightly move their heads. This led to quite an anti-climactic performance due to the audience being so unresponsive!

Despite the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd, Hill’s vocals were undeniably impressive. Her performance of ‘Stranger’ in particular demonstrated why she is so recognised for her amazing vocal tone and range. In light of the audience response, Hill continued to give her performance all of her energy, bouncing around the stage. She played a few of her own songs (not collaborations) which all complimented her distinct husky tone.

A highlight of the set for me was her performance of ‘Lose Control’. As well as her amazing vocal range being shown by her vocal riffs, the backing singers also played a big part in this song. As this song features a male singer, the male backup singer joined Hill in the centre, and made his presence very distinct. The two voices went together so well, and produced some heavenly harmonies.

The overall performance from Hill and her band was amazing, and in another setting, such as a festival, or her own show, it could’ve been even better due to a more responsive and energetic atmosphere.

Tickets for the remainder of Becky Hill and The Script’s tour can be bought here


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