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itoldyouiwouldeatyou provided an impressive set supporting Nervus at Suburbia. Their eclectic sound and lyrics that were poetic in nature immersed you as the band's energy kept you on your feet. Unfortunately the energy couldn't be matched by the audience, but credit to the band who relentlessly put on a great show.

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Eclectic Emo punkers itoldyouiwouldeatyou took to the stage at Southampton’s Suburbia music venue supporting Nervus. The venue (formerly known as Lennons) is more commonly known for its alternative club nights held on varying days of the week to counter the monotony of typical club nights in a student-dense city, however, a few hours before one of these popular nights came a wonderful evening in the company of three talented bands. After a rather interesting opening from Hester and The Heathens, itoldyouiwouldeatyou stepped up to the stage (quite literally, theres no backstage it’s literally just stepping up from the crowd) and we were soon warmly welcomed by the wholesome front, Joey Ashworth.

A brief introduction to their band was given before the opening lyric “Would you come to the funeral” rang out from the popular ‘Earl, King, Whatever’. The wonderfully-written poetic nature of the song instantly sprang a strong scent of emo into the venue, almost subtly flipping the atmosphere created by the indie-punk outfit who opened the show on its head. As soon as the song began to kick in you could see how enthusiastic the band were to play their music.

‘Gold Rush’ injected energy to the set, bringing a style of sound more reminiscent of midwestern emo/pop-punk. For me, it was unfortunate the show wasn’t as popular as hoped, the audience wasn’t the biggest and so it sometimes felt like the energy was wasted on the crowd – but credit to itoldyouiwouldeatyou who tried.

The set was fun and expert performances of tracks like ‘Greek Fire’ from the latest albumĀ Oh Dearism showcased the bands talent. Despite being on a crowded stage, all the members of the band showed emotion and enthusiasm and were rarely ever stood still. Hugely catchy ‘Young American’ got the crowd moving more and more and with the hooks in the song, it was pretty inevitable. Lyrics like “I should start loving myself so you have less to do” outline the kinds of themes and emotions the band touch upon. The inspiring guitar leads, harmonic clean vocals, the emotion-filled dirty vocals and impressive drumming in the enjoyable ‘Almost Zero’ solidified my respect for this band’s appeal and talent. Finishing their set with ‘Get Terrified’ fromĀ Oh Dearism laid to rest a thoroughly delightful set from the band.

If you’re interested in the Midwestern sounds of bands like Tiny Moving Parts, the indie-punk sounds of Gender Roles or Drug Church but also the harsh lyrics expected from the likes of Casey, Rarity and Luke Rainsford, then I could confidently say itoldyouiwouldeatyou would be up your street.

itoldyouiwouldeatyou are touring with Nervus now, and tickets for shows are still available here.


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