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A must see if you're into drum and bass, unlike any other night I've been to at Switch.

Rampage is one of the largest drum and bass festivals in Europe. Annually hosting in Antwerp, Belgium – the festival attracts thousands of fans of the genre. However, this winter, you don’t have to jump on a Eurostar to see them, as the festival is touring the UK with an all-star lineup.

The venue for the Southampton leg of the UK tour was Switch, a nightclub known for hosting pretty immersive events in the electronic music scene. With the new refit and stage set up, that was installed over the summer of 2019, it made it the perfect venue for the event (although one of their stages, Bunker, was not open for the event). The lineup was pretty big, with Dimension headlining the event, and artists like Metrik and Murdock as supports, it makes for one hell of a performance.

The opener was Murdock, who warmed the crowd up perfectly with some recognizable tracks mixed in a new way by the seasoned DJ with over 20 years of experience behind the decks. An amazing way to start the show. 1 am may seem late for a headliner at a normal gig, however, for house, drums and dance events, that’s fairly standard, and that is the time that Dimension took his place behind the decks. The DJ, who notably worked with the likes of Sub Focus and Wilkinson (both of which played Southampton at Docklands festival). Tracks like ‘Desire’, ‘If You Want To’ and ‘Devotion’ went down very well with the hyped-up crowd. The newly installed sound system at Switch providing some of the heaviest bass I have personally heard and that really added to the experience, along with the immersive light rigging, which truly allowed you to get lost in a multisensory experience of both the eyes and the ears. The Dimension set went down amazingly with the crowd. Metrick followed, and delivered a really good set, as it can be difficult to follow such a headliner, and I’ve seen DJs flop after following massive performances. Metrik held his own against all odds and delivered a smashing set.

However, this is only the first leg of the UK tour, and Rampage are still touring the country until the 13th December, delivering sick beats and dirty bass so you’ve not missed your chance yet. Tickets are available here

Listen to Dimension’s track ‘If You Want To’ below:


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