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If it wasn't for the crowd this would've been an amazing show.

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Sorry took over Heartbreakers last Saturday night and it was one of the weirdest shows I have ever experienced. They put on a great show, however the crowd were something else. A few members of the crowd kept heckling and throwing things at the band and, though this can be seen as playful, the band seemed obviously uncomfortable by the crowd’s desperate desire to be noticed by the band, which made for an odd sort of atmosphere which did ruin the night. Despite this, they put on a great show.

Last time I saw them was at the Boileroom (Guildford) when they opened for HMLTD and they have sure shown how they have grown as a band. They had weird trippy music playing during intervals where they were changing instruments which then blended into the next song which was surely impressive for such a small band. They also used vocoder during certain aspects of their songs, which again is impressive for such a small band and shows their creativity and their ability to perform to same quality of their records.

One of the highlights of the show was when bassist Campbell Baum swapped his bass for a saxophone creating a rustic blues vibe from the band. Main criticism of the band from the show is that they never played ‘2 Down 2 Dance’, which is an absolute banger and was what the night was missing on their behalf. The sound was also not too top quality, but this is expected from a small band in a small venue and, to be fair to them, the sound did improve throughout the night.

Sorry are a really strong live band and benefit from the basement setting of their shows, as they are still quite young, they haven’t nailed crowd interaction by the core so having the intimate scene makes up for the lack of crowd communication.

The show was effectively ruined by the crowd, but they did put on a great set and that should be taken into consideration when reviewing this show. They are definitely a band that are slowly starting to make a name for themselves and if they do come back to Southampton I would recommend going to the show.

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