Review: FUR at Scala, London


Combining their vintage aesthetic with some incredibly groovy tunes, FUR put on a night to remember at Scala in London.

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FUR are a Brighton-based indie band that are definitely on the rise. When I heard they were playing London, I just could not resist purchasing tickets as I knew this would be one of the last times they play such small, intimate venues.

Opening with ‘All My Dreams’, it was clear from the very outset how great a performance I was about to witness. From their vintage style and image as a band, to their tunes which are reminiscent of older times with a tinge of modern indie, their shows are definitely memorable. They were incredibly humble performers, and it was obvious how truly grateful they were to be playing in such a venue as an independent band. In fact, they even went as far to say that it was possibly one of the best shows they have ever played, which made the night feel even more special.

The setlist they played was immense, playing all of their greatest hits along with a couple new ones. It was clear that ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’ was a crowd favourite, as it had the majority of us dancing and singing, and there was a fantastically happy atmosphere throughout the entire venue. One thing that’s also definitely worth mentioning is the band’s energetic presence on stage, as they showcased some of the best dance moves (including some funky hip movements and some iconic hair flipping).

Looking amongst the crowd, I found it rather humorous that FUR’s vintage aesthetic definitely influences the way their fanbase dress, as it felt like I was entering a room back in time with the amount of beige and brown shirts I saw. I think this made the gig even more unique, as it’s obvious the band’s aesthetic and image is majorly important in their musical performance as a whole.

Scala was the ideal venue for them to play. Being intimate but not too small, the crowd were able to mosh and crowd-surf without getting too much in the way. Scala was also great as the band were walking around the foyer area during the support acts, making it so accessible and casual to meet them – it felt like they were members of the audience, no more superior (though certainly more talented…) than the rest of us.

Particular memorable moments of the evening for me included Murray’s (lead singer) solo performance for two songs, including ‘Love Song for No One’ and a brand new song ‘Do You Still Think Of Me’ (which was equally beautiful and saddening). This variation of solo slower and sadder songs alongside their more upbeat, indie songs was perfect in regards to satisfying every fan’s needs – there was not one song I could think of that they did not include, as they definitely played all their top tunes. Closing with ‘Angel Eyes’, which is by far one of their best songs with such incredible, upbeat melodies and harmonies, I left Scala already mourning their performance and will definitely catch them on any upcoming tours they embark on.

FUR are definitely a band to catch live if you get the chance, as you are guaranteed to fall in love with their vintage aesthetic, incredible stage presence and humble natures.


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