Review: Triple Cooked – Weird & Wonderful at Switch, Southampton

Weird & Wonderful

This event themed 'Weird & Wonderful' certainly lived up to its name.

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Triple Cooked is a collaborative project bringing together music, art and entertainment – all things perfect for a Fresher’s night out. The theme for this Triple Cooked was ‘weird and wonderful’ and that is a sure fire way to describe the night. With DJ’s such as Big Suze, Jamie Thomson and Hollie Profit making it the perfect backdrop for the Triple Cooked night.

Triple Cooked is famous within the Southampton nightlife and is known for being one of the best club nights out by students. This months Triple Cooked set the scene for what we should expect for the rest of the year – amazing décor, funky lights and huge crowds of students dancing and having a great time. This was my first ever Switch night ever since the refurbishment and the same can be said for many returning Southampton students, making the theme of ‘Weird and Wonderful’ perfectly fitting for the new layout – which confused myself and many. As always the dance floor was jam packed and everyone was dancing and jumping around making it easy to get lost in the music. Even in the smoking area there was a band playing, showing that no matter where you were in the club you were never missing out on the action of the night. One of the best parts of the night was in the Bunker (the downstairs area in Switch) which features a much smaller section of the club, made for house/disco remixes of classic naughties hits.

It was a night not to be missed and set the tone for what we shall expect from Triple Cooked this year. And though the lights were amazing and the décor was superb, I feel Triple Cooked are slowly bringing us into the wild nights they have to offer.

If you missed this night be sure to attend their Halloween Tour – Disco of the Dead – at Switch on 24 October.


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