A ‘non-glorifying video’ on drug use: Beardyman at The Ministry, London


The Edge were lucky enough to obtain tickets to see an exclusive performance of Beardyman and a preview of his new music video ‘6am (Ready to Write)’, featuring US commentator Joe Rogan. There was also a Q&A with the director of the music video, Ian Pons Jewell. Beardyman is the man behind the most advance live music production system known as the Beardytron. He is also the man behind the vocals for ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’, which is an absolute club banger.

Before the viewing of the music video, Beardyman made it clear how controversial the music video was and how insane the concept for the video is. Even joking that everyone involved will be “cancelled” after its release. The video features actor Jack Morris sniffing and searching for drugs and as he begins searching his nose grows like Pinocchio. It starts to gain snake-like characteristics and roams the streets for more drugs. The concept for this video is absolutely wild and the plot twist at the end makes it worth the watch (I will not spoil it – just watch it!).

The Q&A with Ian occurred after the viewing of the video, in which the audience were told that Ian’s vision for the video was to create “a non-glorifying video” on drug use. This is to counteract the tone Rogan uses in the song which Ian says makes the man doing the drugs seem like a “legend”, though that is not the true reality of drug use.

This was a very relaxed event and featured a short performance from Beardyman conveying his true musicality through his beatboxing and live-looping skills. This is the first time I have ever seen Beardyman live and will not be the last. Compared to other music producers, Beardyman is not confined to one genre; he transcends multiple different genres. The only devices he uses are three iPads, two of which control the Beardytron and the other for extra noises, making every live experience completely different – Beardyman is most definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

Check out the video for 6am (Ready to Write) below.


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