Review: The Vryll Society at Heartbreakers, Southampton


The Vryll Society provided a set which you just shouldn't miss if you get the opportunity to see them.

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I must admit that I was considering forsaking the opportunity to see The Vryll Society at Heartbreakers last Wednesday in favour of getting a well-needed full night’s sleep – but, having decided to see them after all, I’m glad that I decided not to choose the more responsible option. As someone who hadn’t listened to any of their music until a few days before the gig, I can say that I’m now a convert to their thoroughly intriguing and rather unique sound.

The set was complemented by the band’s recognisable visual style; a frantic background of geometric shapes and patterns played out on screens behind them. While the venue was not the grandest they’ve ever performed at – having appeared up and down the country at some of the UK’s biggest festivals, including Leeds, TRNSMT, and Glastonbury – this did not detract from the entrancing atmosphere they cultivated. The result was a high-quality audio-visual experience reminiscent of the genre at large, but with The Vryll Society’s own distinctive twist.

One of the most impressive features of the performance was the tightness that the band seemed to have. It was clear that this was a group who not only had something special to bring to the table regarding their music but had put hours upon hours of practice and fine-tuning into bringing the full experience to a live audience. Ethereal vocals flowed together with mellifluous guitar. The highlight of their setlist for me was ‘Andrei Rublev’, a song to which it is impossible not to feel yourself drifting away into a more serene place – though mentions must also be given to ‘Course of the Satellite‘ and ‘Light at the Edge of the World’, both of which evoke the feeling of a mind sailing through the air.

In addition to The Vryll Society, also featuring at Heartbreakers were The Peach Fuzz and BARBUDO. Both were a great addition to the night – Peach Fuzz a thoroughly entertaining listen, and BARBUDO managing to convince me to add a couple of their tunes to my playlist with their apparent knack for writing basslines that just won’t quit. Overall, the night was well worth the price of being somewhat sleepy the following day.

Check out The Vryll Society’s other tour dates here, and watch the music video for ‘Andrei Rublev’ below.


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