Skaters at The Joiners (06/03/14)


To mark the release of Skaters highly anticipated debut album Manhattan, the group have embarked on a international tour this month, travelling around both Europe and their native USA.

The speed of their fame is definitely impressive, forming only just back in 2012, the four piece signed with Warner Bros. Records in early 2013. Described by NME as ‘basically like everything we wished The Strokes still epitomized’, the band are riding the huge wave of new indie rock bands that are taking the music scene by storm in the past few years.  They have gained critical praise for their previous EP releases and live show performances, receiving a strong 7/10 for their new album from The Edge.

Joiners as a venue is hard to fault. The history between its newly renovated walls is huge and varying, helping to kick start the careers of bands such as Coldplay, Radiohead and Muse. Often sited by many big time British bands as being a must play venue, it is no doubt one of Southampton’s finest local venues, giving a musical legacy to our city.

Local band, The Harlequin, played a confident set, featuring a cover of The BeatlesDon’t Let Me Down’. The four piece are a regular support act at Joiners, vocally comparable to The Libertines, infused with the guitar skill of an early The Maccabees.

Drowners are well known to the internet fan girl, comprising of Matt Hitt, both lead singer, guitarist and model, it is easy to tell why. The American alternative rock band formed in New York in 2011, signing with Frenchkiss Records in late 2013, the band recently released their self-titled debut album. Drowners set was lively and upbeat, flowing with a strong energy. The band held a strong stage presence, causing a great number of girls a lot of excitement when they casually winked into the crowd. Their altogether relaxed attitude and solid, easy listening tracks made their set enjoyable but not hugely memorable.

Skaters themselves were as cool and confident as I had envisaged. Beginning their triumphant set on ‘One of Us‘, they sped through their set. This was much to the delight of the eager crowd, who jumped around for the entire set, even attempting to invade the stage, an attempt that was quickly cut short by staff. The audience reacted in unison to the first few chords of their newest single ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’, sending a wave of people pushing forward. Ending the set on a high, the band played ‘Schemers‘, a personal favourite of mine.

After the set, the band agreed that due to the sheer enthusiasm of the crowd, they would play an encore. Skaters chose to cover ‘This Charming Man‘ by The Smiths, sending a shock wave of nostalgia throughout the crowd, or just a vague recognition to the younger audience members.

Overall, an incredibly cool performance from the band. Having gone from strength to strength, there appears to be no slowing down, and I personally hope they don’t in the near future, particularly with summer 2014 at our fingertips.


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