BIGkids at The Joiners (16/10/2012)


I arrived at the joiners and interviewed Ben and Rosie from BIGkids just before their show. Getting to chat to them before really got me excited for the show as they were so much fun to chat to. They came out on stage, Mr Hudson donning the now famous BIGkids crown (not unlike those you get from Burger King) and Rosie looking fabulous in her fishnets and PVC shorts. Rosie having not really toured before was clearly very excited by the prospect compared to Mr Hudson’s cool and experienced demeanor. They started with ‘Stuck Like Glue’ Rosie brandishing a megaphone letting off a siren sound as she danced around the stage. This set the bar for what was to come.

The pop duo managed to get through the majority of their debut album ‘Never Grow Up’ which demonstrated the versatility and variation on it. From the older sounding, beautifully lyrical ‘Good For You’ which has a massively 50s/60s vibe to it right up to the more upbeat and contemporary songs such ‘Coming Together’ then back to a previous decade with the funky ‘You Are Amazing’ that oozes a 70s disco vibe. With Mr Hudson stationed behind the keys and Rosie bounding around the stage (literally like a big kid!) they make a perfect pair with perfectly poppy duets. If you’re into simple, feel-good pop music, you will love BIGkids.

The pair really shone when it came to the sound vocal harmonies and general together-ness onstage. You would think they had been working together for years and years rather than 18 months. It was always really great to see Mr Hudson doing something completely different to what we have seen him do before. His vocal ability shone through with such professionalism and flare. Anyone who has heard Mr Hudson will know his distinctive voice anywhere and it was particularly welcomed at The Joiners. Even though it was a relatively small crowd it didn’t matter, everyone was so into the music, dancing along to the catchy pop beats. The band included a brass section (to my delight) two wonderfully talented female musicians played the saxophone and trombone, giving the show that extra bit of flare. To put this gig into one word, it would be ‘fun’ and in my opinion I think that sums up BIGkids in one word too. The whole show was energetic, happy and everyone was having an awesome night.

BIGkids debut album Never Grow Up is out now. Check out my video of ‘Superhero’ from The Joiners below.

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