Blink 182 at the O2 Arena (09/06/2012)


Playing two consecutive days at the O2, the atmosphere was one of the most intense I have ever experienced. During both support slots chants for Blink 182 were rife, with most having little regard for the mediocre bands that preluded them. There is something incredibly nostalgic about seeing a band that was so important when I was a teenager, a band whose adolescent escapades were the soundtrack to a generation. This shared nostalgia reached a frenzy when Blink 182 finally came on stage, opening with ‘Feeling This’.

The show was around a two hour performance, with the band fluctuating between greatest hits such as ‘First Date’ to hits from the latest album such as ‘Natives’. The mood throughout was one of fun, the mosh pit being a mess of sweat, other people’s beer, and one red haired gentleman who managed to pass out in the middle of it. The atmosphere was friendly, with the two front men Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge bantering back and forth, while legendary drummer Travis Barker allowed his drumming to speak for itself.

The gig was a fairly straightforward compilation of the bands stellar line of work, but special mention must also go to the aesthetics of the stage. After the band departed for an encore, Mark and Tom appeared behind the standing crowd on a low stage, performing a stripped down acoustic version of ‘Reckless Abandon’. This not only showcased how much better Tom Delonge’s voice has got since that Reading performance, but also showed the production values of such an internationally renowned band. This could be seen through the fact the two were lifted through the crowd to the encore, but more specifically in the consequent cut to Travis back on the main stage, who performed a 5 minute drumming medley, complete with fireworks and confetti.

It is hard to articulate just how close I hold Blink 182 to my heart, and as such writing a review is always hard to do objectively. The bands performance was fast, solid, the singing has improved immeasurably from their festival return, the crowd never stopped jumping, and I for one never stopped smiling. An absolute triumph. You can view their setlist here


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