The Greatest Live Acts Ever: Muse


So you’ve got a huge oval arena with an overshadowing skyline, what do you do? Well, why not build a giant inflatable flying saucer, send it around the stadium and have an acrobat appear from beneath to greet the crowd from two suspending wires?

Muse have already established themselves as an industry powerhouse and after sixteen years of experience, you’d think they wouldn’t need to try too hard to be visually spectacular. The boys of Muse however have a different approach – make the show as extravagant and dramatic as the music. After playing at Wembley Stadium during two consecutive tours, the threesome from Devon know exactly how make the most of a big space. What’s even more impressive is that even after the giant eyeballs bouncing across the crowd have exploded, and whilst the band rotate around the centre on a moving platform, front man Matt Bellamy still manages to don a flashing suit with matching sunglasses and guitar. With every show turning into a glow-in-the-dark futuristic system shock, you can’t be surprised that every spectator leaves gawking.


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