Preview: Muncie Girls and The Hard Aches at The Joiners, Southampton


Muncie Girls are heading to The Joiners in Southampton on 3rd October, following the release of their highly anticipated second album, Fixed Ideals. The band formed back in their college days, when singer/guitarist (and bassist on the new release) Lande Hekt and guitarist Dean McMullen, joined a little later by Luke Ellis on drums, would put on DIY Punk shows for friends. Through their new album, you can track their journey from the punk rock scene to the infusion of a new pop sensibility, expanding their unique sound that they began cultivating almost a decade ago.

Supported by their mates the Australian duo The Hard Aches with their branch of indie punk rock (with a definite Frank Turner vibe) on their first ever jaunt to the UK, everything seems to have come together for the Muncie Girls’ album tour. Their stint in Southampton is a nice touch, with both their albums (including debut album From Caplan to Belsize) having been recorded at local studio The Ranch Production House. The Hard Aches, made up of BD and Alex, also saw their second album, Mess, released earlier this year.

Muncie Girls have been all over the shop since they started out playing at their local rock venue Cavern Club in Exeter, with gigs all over the UK and Europe as well as in Australia and Japan, and slots at many of our biggest festivals including Glastonbury.

It seems so easy to relate to Hekt’s honest inner monologues, half-singing, half talking to herself about stuff most of us can relate to (or pretend that we don’t). Simple stuff like not really liking Jeremy Clarkson, wasting potential and relationships (platonic or otherwise), and harder stuff like politics, mental health and feminism. There’s such a sense of fun, creativity and relentless energy that springs out of their songs – like ‘Bubble Bath’, that uses real bubbles on the track – and all their music videos, including one that’s a nod to Dr Landis and his facial expression experiment (some good old AS Level Psychology there).

Whether you’re jamming to a more classic punk track like ‘Jeremy’ or something with a lighter pop feel like ‘Family of Four’ (both currently at the top of my Spotify songs list, along with The Hard Aches’ ‘I Get Like This’), Muncie Girls will rock such a cosy and intimate venue as The Joiners, ‘cos wherever you stand you’ll feel like you’re in the front row.

Watch the Dr Landis inspired video for ‘Clinic’ below, and buy tickets for the gig on 3rd October at The Joiners here!


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