Preview: The Midnight Kids at The Joiners, Southampton


In true Creeper fashion, the theatrical horror punk band have announced a secret, currently sold out show under the alias ‘The Midnight Kids’, and are hitting local favourite The Joiners for a hallow’s eve one-off. Ever the band to create mass anticipation and confusion, Creeper’s highly successful debut album Eternity, in Your Arms was released earlier this year after mysterious social media clues, with notable singles including the energetic ‘Suzanne’ and eerily dramatic ‘Black Rain’.

The Southampton band’s earlier years were defined by gigs at the intimate venue, with their Instagram account claiming ‘local music venues are the lifeblood of the scene’, and the money raised from the event will be paramount to the restoration of the haunt. The tagline of the exclusive gig reads ‘they are the resurrectors of the dead’, which, although relevant to the spooky timing of the event, may hint that the band intends to play older material which was put to rest at another secret gig at the beginning of the year, such as the hard-hitting fan favourite ‘Novena’.

As the band are expecting to sell out O2 Guildhall in December, the vibe in the 200 capacity The Joiners is certain to be truly unbeatable. Fans are assuredly in for a theatrically horror-filled Halloween, and it is challenging to think of a band more suited to the occasion than Creeper themselves.

Creeper will be joined on Monday by promising local punk bands Gun Shy, Faux, and Scarecrow Boat.

Tickets for Creeper’s ‘Theatre of Fear’ December tour are on sale now.


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