Preview: Superfood at The Joiners, Southampton


The first of two Southampton shows this autumn for the Birmingham band, Superfood‘s October date at the Joiners presents a prime if a not-so-unique opportunity for an up-and-coming band: the sophomore album tour.

Hot off the release of Bambinotheir date with destiny at the famously formative venue will prove an interesting opportunity for fans of indie rock and alternative pop. The four-piece band’s debut album Don’t Say That mixed punchy guitar lines with groovier, laid-back vocals and drums; from the impressions of the singles ‘Double Dutch’, ‘Unstoppable, and ‘I Can’t See’, it appears like Bambino leans more towards the latter, opting for a few more synths, and a bit less guitar.

That obvious instinct towards a little experimentation, genre mixing, and modest reinvention in approach is going to be fun to watch play out onstage. Whilst the band shares the Infectious Music label with British indie rock bands White Liesalt-J and Drenge, their own sound demonstrates very little in common with them – they try new things, but without the pretense of detached, moody “weirdness” of alt-J; they create compelling rock songs that consciously play-down any riffing, unlike Drenge; and that combination makes them a more difficult sell on pure pop/rock anthemic terms, unlike crowd-pleasing White Lies. In this writer’s opinion, watching them bridge those gaps on a headline stage, makes their tour date one of the more immediately intriguing gigs of autumn 2017.

That is, at least until they turn up at the Guildhall in November to support Wolf Alice.

Check out the video for ‘I Can’t See’ below:


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