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Easily one of the most iconic film composers of all time, and quite possibly the most influential over the last decade or so, Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer is now embarking on his very first tour. Kicking off in London on the 6th April, the concerts will run throughout spring, arriving at the Bournemouth International Centre on the 28th May.

Having composed music for over 150 films, as well as some video games and TV shows, it is quite hard to summarise the man’s achievements in a few sentences. Suffice it to say, Zimmer is responsible for some of the most recognisable and beloved scores of the modern era, including 12 Years a Slave, The Dark Knight, True Romance, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Rock, Gladiator, Interstellar, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lion King, for which he won his aforementioned Oscar. Spanning numerous genres and unique styles, Zimmer’s work is always diverse and attention grabbing. It is for this reason that his new Europe-wide tour is of such monumental importance for film and music fans alike.

Zimmer recently expressed his excitement about the upcoming shows, stating: ”Performing a tour like this is something that I have always wanted to do, and I am thrilled that the time has finally come. I am very excited to get some of my very talented friends together and give our audiences an experience unlike any concert they have ever been to before.”

It may therefore be surprising to discover that this is Zimmer’s first extend tour, as the composer apparently suffers from a case of stage fright. However, after his critically acclaimed performance in two 2014 shows, entitled ‘Hans Zimmer Revealed’, it seems that the artist is finally ready to take to the spotlight. He even recently addressed the subject himself, declaring that ”you can’t let fear rule your life”.

The show has also been touted as a visually striking experience, worked on by world renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman, who has in the past collaborated with acts like Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. All in all, the performance is sure to be a breathtaking experience unlike any other.

Hans Zimmer is at the Bournemouth International Centre on the 28th May. More information can be found here


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