Preview: Reverend and The Makers: The Rennaisance Men, The Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth, (12/3/2014)


The irrepressible Jon McClure and his band Reverend and The Makers are back with their fourth studio album Thirty Two. With their obvious distain for the commercial world of music has seen them promoting their album by playing free gigs in 32 houses of 32 fans. Off the back of this and in somewhat of a renaissance, they have started a 15 date tour around the UK. A recent interview with ‘The Edge’ gave an insight to what life on the road for the band meant.

As grounded as ever, Reverend and the Makers have stuck true to their roots, and produced a new album through which their distinctive sound shines through. From their working class background in Sheffield, where they still reside, the band have very much stayed faithful to their distinctive sound. With influences like Sly and The Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield, the band’s sound is very much British rock.

Having supported bands such as Oasis, Kasabian and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Reverend and The Makers had a lot of success early on. Their second album was a hit and contained the top 10 record ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’. Their cult following remains strong and very loyal, with much anticipation for their fourth album.

Old-school to his core and a reflection of his own music and his extensive music collection, Jon McClure has lead Reverend and the Makers back to good music and the good times. Reverend and the makers are performing at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth on 12th March. Tickets are available here.


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