Preview: Patrick Wolf at Turner Sims (13/02/13)


Nestled in the shadow of the maths building on Highfield Campus is the Turner Sims concert hall. As a third year, I’ve wandered past its entrance countless times, but I’ve never really had any impetus to venture through its plate-glass doors or give anything more than a cursory glance toward the posters for the jazz, classical and traditional music concerts which adorn the building’s foyer.

Next week, however, the Turner Sims will finally entice me through its doors as they play host to the fabulously pretentious multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wolf.

That it is Patrick Wolf who is the first artist to tempt me through the doors of the Turner Sims seems resoundingly nonsensical because I’m certainly not a fan of Wolf, or of his esoteric brand of indefinable music.

The mental image I have of Wolf is one not dissimilar to the picture in the top right-hand corner of this article. Looking at the guy, one presumes him to be a middle-class indie-snob of the highest order – one who believes even guitars are below him and only the delicate timbre of the dulcimer (or whatever) can convey his “deep” and “complex” “emotions”.

My temptation to attend the Southampton leg of Wolf’s tour comes mostly out of a sense of intrigue, and a desire to witness his proclaimed virtuoso talents first hand. Perhaps my preconceptions of pretentiousness will be resoundingly disproved; perhaps Wolf is too good for a guitar, a bass and a drum-kit.

To find out for your selves, Patrick Wolf will be playing the Turner Sims Concert Hall at Highfield Campus on Wednesday 13th February. Tickets available from the Tuner Sims website;


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    It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Turner Sims, they’re getting a lot more ‘pop’ (by which I mean not jazz, classical or trad) acts in nowadays 🙂

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