Preview: Tom Mann at The Joiners (23/11/2012)


Composing a preview for someone who is no one isn’t the easiest thing to do. But very soon Tom Mann will be ‘someone’. Someone big. Armed with a guitar to accompany his terribly talented voice, 18 year old, Southampton born and bred, Tom Mann will be headlining The Joiners on the 23rd November.

Formerly part of a band named The Nascent Season (that was featured on BBC Radio 1), he made the decision to go solo only six months ago and has already released his first EP. Each song very different; Tom was clearly still in the early stages of cultivating his own sound when it was released.

The phrase ‘easy listening’ could often be substituted for ‘boring’ when used to describe an artist’s music, but this isn’t the case with Tom. His youthful voice, that’s fairly raw but not as clean as the likes of Ed Sheeran and Joe Brooks (who Tom is highly influenced by) is something contemporary and exciting, yet his songs remain relaxing.

Far from flawless, but fantastic all the same, Tom is definitely worth a listen to so head down to The Joiners on Friday where he’ll be playing “predominantly original songs… but I’ll definitely throw in at least one cover’.


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