Preview: Dog is Dead, The Haunt, Brighton (3/11/2012)


Dog is Dead have been growing from strength to strength after their prestigious appearance as an unsigned act at Glastonbury in 2010 that catapulted them into the limelight. Since then they have been working on their debut album All Our Favourite Stories, which was released earlier on this month. Dog is Dead will be gracing the Haunt in Brighton with their presence on 3/11/2012.

This five-piece indie pop band from Nottingham are the culprits of ridiculously catchy tracks such as ‘Glockenspiel Song’, which received high praise and a significant amount of radio play. Each track of the album is a sheer delight that has a somewhat infectious quality. I defy anyone to not have a smile on their face after hearing the uplifting sounds of Dog is Dead.

This tour pre-empts the release of their next single ‘Teenage Daughter’, which is due for release this week. Fans of Dog is Dead can expect vocal lead upbeat indie pop tracks that will be stuck in your head for days.

Tickets for the gig can be bought here This band is well worth seeing as they are rapidly increasing in popularity and a bad word has yet to be said about this five piece.


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