Preview: Mayday Parade at The Old Firestation, Bournemouth (12/10/2012)


A band like Mayday Parade give me goosebumps. Some people will love them, some people will absolutely despise their emotional pop-rock.  I am in the former set of people; I absolutely love Mayday Parade and having missed each live opportunity so far, finding out that they were playing the Old Firestation in Bournemouth made me squeal with excitement. Their songs have taken me through the whole of my teenage years, despite the obvious Americanisms, the songs relate perfectly to those angst-filled years of every teenager. The extraordinary vocals often sound close to tears with emotion and will almost every time play on the heart strings with the perfected lyrics. I am surprised that more people haven’t heard of them as they have an illustrious back catalogue including 3 very successful full length records.

You can probably guess what i’m going to say. Listen to Mayday Parade and go and see them on Friday 12th October in Bournemouth. I guarantee if this sounds like your sort of thing, you will have the best night. Even if you’re thinking “this is so 2007” go along and let the nostalgia take over. Allow your 15 year old self to have those years back just for one night. They have played in the UK many times supporting many a great pop/rock/punk band over the years so don’t miss out like I have so many times. Many show are already sold out but you can still get tickets for this show.

You can buy tickets here. Mayday Parade’s self-titled third studio album is out now.


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