Preview: The Midnight Beast at The Guildhall, Southampton (11/10/2012)


It’s just under a week until this hotly anticipated ‘I Kicked A Tour In The Face’ tour arrives at Southampton’s Guildhall, lead by The Midnight Beast. It is their first headline UK tour since the release of their debut album so prepare for a hurricane to explode through Southampton on the night of 11th October. The cheeky trio from South West London will bring a very different kind of entertainment to the people (well, tweens) of Southampton in the form of gimmick rap.

Their hilarious, often ‘near the knuckle’ lyrics will have you in stitches yet the catchy rhythm and beat will make it near impossible not to dance and sing along with the energetic lads. They released their debut, self-titled, album earlier this year so you can guarantee many a sing-a-long, especially from those screaming teenage girls (and their parents). Look out for songs such as ‘Begging’ and ‘Just Another Boyband’ for some insanely catchy, overly autotuned (used ironically in the latter’s case) electro pop songs. The brains behind the band, Stefan Abingdon really has song-writing down to a tee. His nack for writing hit after hit reveals certain talent behind the gimmick vail.

After being a massive success on YouTube they successfully put out their own TV show on E4. After this sort of coverage the tour is bound to go down very well with the public. Seeing the band go from the homemade videos back in 2009, to headlining a nationwide tour and selling an awful lot of tickets, makes me almost proud of the band for breaking out and moving on in colossal leaps and bounds in terms of their careers and I hope that from this point, the only way is up.

To get tickets for this show go here, for more information on The Midnight Beast check out their website.


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