Preview: Dan Le Sac at The Joiners with support from Arp Attack (07/10/12)


Dan Le Sac, or Daniel Stephens as his parents prefer to call him, is usually found as the other half of hip-hop double act ‘Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip’, signed to the record label Sunday Best.

Dan Le Sac, a producer, remixer, DJ and photographer (it that all!?) portrays himself equally well musically without Scroobius Pip, with what has been described as a laptop cut-up style. He is ‘The Space Between The Words’, as is named his critically acclaimed debut solo album, which was released in July. With influences coming from acts such as Joy Division, Gill Scott-Heron and Kraftwerk you can’t go too far wrong.

Written on his blog recently, Dan Le Sac said about his current tour “We are just 4 dates in & we’ve already blown up a PA, played to an audience dressed as school children, (playfully) abused a camera man, been to Lakeside, met a man who makes MRI scanners, stolen a copy of Heat, bought a second hand synth, bought a second hand sampler, learnt that Merz’s voice is uber tingly live, eaten all the grapes we can find, and drank at least 3 bottles of cough syrup. I’d say it bodes well for the rest of the tour!”

Well, he’s summarized it better than I ever could.

Supporting will be Southampton favourites Arp Attack, who never fail to deliver an energetic and dancey set. SUSUTV produced and directed the video for ‘Crocodile Tears’ last year, and they’ve played numerous times for Southampton University AIM’s monthly gig night Frequency. Their latest E.P, Devil’s Drop, is out now.

Tickets are £9 in advance and can be purchased here.



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